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Harvesting for the Holidays

Gifts from the Garden + for the Gardener

The holiday is a perfect time to share your harvest with others. Gifts from the garden are homemade, good for the environment, often inexpensive and, best of all, may inspire others to grow their own food. We’ve gathered our favorite ways to share gifts made from your garden.

Holiday Herbs

dried parsley, organic vegetable gardenParsley is growing abundantly in many of our clients gardens. Try dehydrating it and putting into jars. Throughout the year, your friends and family will think of you as they use it. Follow these step-by-step guidelines to try it yourself.

Pesto Sauce

Another option for parsley is pesto sauce. While most pesto recipes are made with basil, parsley makes great pesto too. You can prepare it ahead of time, too. Just leave out the cheese, and you can store in the freezer.

pesto sauce, organic gardening, lowcountry gardensWhile we are on the subject of herbs, how about making rosemary shortbread cookies? We love this suggestion from a follower on Instagram. Here’s the recipe she recommends. Rosemary Shortbread cookies 

rosemary shortbread cookies, organic gardening, harvest for holidaysGiving Greens

We love all the varieties of greens that we can grow in the Lowcountry this time of year. How about creating this  Pomegranate Kale & Quinoa Salad as a gift for your friends or family!

The red pomegranates combined with the green kale create such a festive dish! This recipe is from local cookbook author and Rita’s Roots client, Jessica Murnane of One Part Plant.

pomegranate-kale-salad-hoiday-harvestLoofah Sponges

Combine a loofah sponge in a gift basket with soap from Old Whaling Company and you are giving someone the ultimate self-care package. They even have holiday scents available!

Flower Herb Arrangements or Wreaths

Need a last-minute hostess gift? Gather some herbs or flowers from your garden. It’s thoughtful and something they can use immediately.

If you’re the host, try adding a sprig of herbs to your place cards or cocktail drinks.


Seeds from your garden packaged in pretty envelopes make a wonderful gift. 

Some plants bolt or send up shoots with seed heads that flower, such as broccoli, cauliflower, cabbage, kale, lettuce and many others. 

This gift will inspire your friends in their own gardens and bind you together throughout the next growing season.

Gifts for Gardeners

For all the gardeners in your life, consider gifting them a plant class with Rita’s Roots, a site assessment, or a membership to the Garden Growers Club, our online community. Check out our holiday gift certificates at our Online Store.