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Who is it for?

A brand-new gardener planting her first raised bed. An experienced gardener adjusting to the Lowcountry’s climate and pests. A gardener with 15+ years of experience learning ways to make her garden more productive.

These are just some of the gardeners who participated in the first-ever Garden Growers Club offered by Rita’s Roots last fall. 

The club is an online membership community where gardeners receive accountability and expertise to keep them on track during the growing season. 

“Rita and her crew are filled with knowledge and direct links to resources that would have me spending hours of time and money if I had to scour the internet myself,” said one member.

Members appreciated having one place to go for answers to their gardening questions — whether it was how to get rid of pests or how to harvest a particular plant.  

video of how to use trellis in garden

Rita shares tomato planting tips in this video inside the Garden Growers Club.

“Growing in Charleston is a little different than other places, but now I know exactly what to plant and when,” said one member. “I’m actually growing food my family can eat and have a successful garden because of Rita’s Roots! 

Enrollment Opens Soon

Doors to the Garden Growers Club will open Nov. 1. The price is $240 per year. An Early Bird price of $180 per year is available until Nov. 30. Learn more about the Garden Growers Club here.

In the Kitchen, Recipes for your Harvest

We are excited to announce that in 2020 we will feature Chef Catie Nitz for our “In the Kitchen” section. 

Her food has a Central American twist and is fabulous!

Next Best Thing to Having us in your Backyard

The idea for the Club came after Rita and her team noticed a need from their clients. Some benefit most from having Rita’s crew visit their garden on a weekly or monthly basis with the Garden Guidance program.

But others were ready to do more on their own, but they still needed support.

That’s where the Garden Growers Club comes in.

Annual membership includes 

  • Newsletter every 2 weeks containing:
    • Planting Calendar Checklist
    • How-To videos
    • Q+A with Rita
    • Pest Control Tips
    • In-depth Vegetable Studies
    • Frost + Freeze Alerts
    • Pro Tips
    • Recipes
  • 10% off Rita’s Roots Plant Sales 
  • 25% off classes
  • Early Bird Plant Sale Shopping + Class Registration
Rita Bachmann with beans

Rita Bachmann with beans on a trellis.

How it all Started

Rita started her garden consulting business in 2011 with about 15 gardens. Last spring, she and her team helped plant over 60. To meet the growing demand, she has added more services in 2019, including Gardening 101 classes, plant sales and the Garden Growers Club.

“It’s rare that I meet someone who doesn’t want a garden,” Rita said. “The thrill of creating your own healthy, locally grown food is alluring and quite satisfying — as long as you have produce at the end of the season.”

The Mission

As a College of Charleston graduate turned organic farmer, Rita’s goal is to have everyone in the Lowcountry growing — or at least eating — locally grown vegetables. Her team has built gardens for families from Wadmalaw to Lake Marion and everywhere in between. They have a concentration of clients in Mt. Pleasant and West Ashley. 

Learn more about how Rita’s Roots can help you take the guesswork out of Gardening!

We share recipes to use with vegetables you are harvesting now.

cleanup to prepare for Fall gardening