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Meet Jessica, author, podcast host, mother and gardener

Jessica MurnaneJessica Murnane is the author of the One Part Plant Cookbook, host of the One Part Podcast, and founder of Know Your Endo (the endometriosis education and awareness platform and upcoming book).

What’s your favorite/least favorite gardening chore?

My favorite is peeking on my plants and then discovering something grew. I actually screamed and jumped up and down when I saw my first very first cantaloupe/strawberries/dill/cauliflower starting to show themselves. It never gets old and I get excited every single time.

What do you wish you knew sooner about gardening?

That I can do it!

What advice would you give to someone just starting out gardening?

Ask for help and take a class. I am someone that will watch 100 YouTube videos to figure out how to do something before asking for help. But watching all the gardening videos online felt so overwhelming, because planting times/seasons vary so much based on where you live. So I had a friend build my bed. And then I took Rita’s class and signed up for her Garden Grower’s Club. I think I would still be figuring it out, if it wasn’t for them!

What’s the first thing you do when you wake up?

Lately, I’ve been waking up and working on one of my Inner Piece puzzles. I do my best every morning to kick off the day with something that calms my mind (aka not look at my phone or email).

What’s your favorite recipe to use with your harvest? Would you mind sharing it?

I made this Panzanella recipe all summer long with my tomatoes (I had so many!). But a winter recipe would be this Chilaquiles With Cilantro Cream. I have so much cilantro in my garden right now, I’ve been using it to make dressings and sauces. This recipe is completely plant-based and gluten-free…so perfect for all eaters at the table!