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#1 Ready for Harvest!

#2 Wait for it…

#3 Head Harvested

#4 Caullard Greens!

For my cauliflower-growin’ peeps!

One of the big mysteries in the garden is when • to • harvest. I recall watching the first head of lettuce I ever grew, wondering when to pick. Before I knew it, the head had bolted and was bitter as could be. Lesson learned once, the hard way!

Picture #1 shows a cauliflower head that is ready for the table. Garden-grown cauli are often smaller in size than store bought, so don’t let the size fool you! Compared to Pic #2 you can see how the leaves have unwrapped from the crown to expose the entire white head. #2 has at least another couple days before it’s ready to harvest.
To harvest, take a sharp knife and slice the head off of the plant right underneath the crown. You are left with what looks like Pic #3. To be really resourceful with your plant, you can Harvest all of the cauliflower leaves and cook them like a pot of collard greens. As shown Pic #4, harvest all of the leaves off the stem for some healthy cooking! They store well in the fridge too.
Cauliflower is a one-hit-wonder, so after fall harvest is complete, clear space in the garden for onions, strawberries or fava beans!