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Our organic farming endeavors have taken a turn into your backyard! Rita’s Roots went from South Carolina, to Virginia and back to Charleston where we are settled for a good long while. Instead of plowing up a large tract of the Earth, we are running our business to help YOU – the homeowner and lover fresh produce – learn how to grow a garden in your own back yard. Our goal is to get as much food production into your yard as possible, so you have the opportunity to feed your families, neighbors and friends.
With 15 new gardens established in 2012, we are gearing up for an even busier 2013. We are responsible for any and all aspects of your garden and edible landscape, large or small:
– site selection
– landscape design
– garden bed construction
– soil amending
– plant variety selection
– irrigation installation
– month by month garden lessons
– garden maintenance
– fruit tree installation and care
– hydroponics
We even make full farm plans with crop rotation and fertility management strategies!
January through March is the prime time for getting your garden set up for Spring – Please let us know how we can help so you can enjoy a bountiful garden this year!